Organic Dried Black Woodear Mushroom, 3.5oz

Big Green Organic
SKU: HE200820


These mushrooms stand out from other mushroom varieties because of their crunchy texture, dark color and interesting appearance. Unlike other mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms don’t have a stem or cap. They do have an ear-like shape, which is how they originally earned their distinct nickname. However, they are still sometimes confused with the white wood ear mushroom and the elephant ear mushroom, as well as cloud ear fungus (kikurage mushroom), another type of edible tree mushroom that is distantly related to the wood ear.

The black wood ear mushroom is often featured in Asian cooking and widely enjoyed for its crisp texture and mild flavor. So what does black fungus taste like? Although they have a strong woody flavor when raw, the mushrooms tend to take on whatever flavors they are cooked with in dishes, making them a great addition to soups, stir-fries and salads.